Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy the early morning parades, the football on tv, the food on the table, but, most of all enjoy each other. This is the one Holiday that makes me miss my Grandma Williams. She was all about Thanksgiving and the most amazing cook. She has been gone since 1985 but still has an unbelievable influence on me. That is about all I wanted to post this morning because that is what is on my mind.
I will add that the NFL games on today are terrible with the exception of Dallas and New Orleans. New England and New York will roll with no problem as Detroit and Cincinnati have no chance. For me the fun really starts tomorrow as Auburn goes to Alabama and Arizona plays Oregon. Then on Saturday "The Game" comes on at Noon. I hope to still have some leftover turkey and stuffing around for one of those amazing sandwiches!!!
OK, so go have a wonderful day everyone and eat as much as you possibly can!

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