Wednesday, November 24, 2010

High school playoffs here in the state of Ohio have reached the Final Four. All but one that was mentioned last week are still in it. AJ Fleak and the rest of the team from Big Walnut got knocked out. Tim Carter of Watterson, JD Detmer from Hilliard Davidson and Andrew DiMario of the Alter Knights are all still in. Also allow me to mention that Kresimir Ivkovic of Mentor Lake Catholic is also still in. I apologize for leaving him out last week. Congrats to Krash!
As you all know, this is Michigan week. As a former Ohio State player it is easy to say that this week always felt like a one game season. Everything about it was different. Practices were always longer, more intense and full of surprises. Former players would fill the sidelines. TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land) would show up and allow us to partake in Script Ohio as we could pick any instrument we wanted. President Dr. Gee would come by and speak to us. It was always built up but never over done. You knew this week was special and it was special to be a part of. I am proud to be able to say I had the opportunity to compete in this storybook rival. It also pains me to this day to admit we did not beat Michigan once during my four years starting. We did tie in 1992 but as you all know, that's like a loss in itself. Although, I did perform pretty well in all the Michigan games. I believe I was 5-7 career in fg's against them with a long of 51 at the "Big House". Then there is the infamous punt to Desmond Howard in 1991. I started as the punter the entire year of '91 as well as kicking. He returned the punt 93 yards and then struck the ever popular Heisman pose in the end zone. The punt was supposed to go out of bounds 40 yards down the field but I ended up getting a hold of it as it went 47 yards to the bottom of the numbers with great hang. The rest is history. To me, it was an arrogant move on Desmond's part to strike the pose, but some people feel they have to do that little extra to try and show their self just a bit more. That kind of act burns me up. But it is also kind of sad. You see, I would never do something like that because I was raised better. Apparently, poor Des was not. We will just leave it at that. And.......Exhale! hahahahahaha
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

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