Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wow, what a day of College Football yesterday! I stayed up and watched the entire Nevada - Boise State game last night. The game was officially over at 1:53 am EST and it was worth every second. Of course I hate seeing kickers miss easy ones like Brotzman did for Boise State but it was sure fun to see Nevada make history and win. This really shakes up the BCS. If only Alabama could have played better in the second half last night they would have beaten Auburn. I am not a fan of Cam Newton. Sure, he is a talented young man, but there is way too much smoke for there not to be any fire as far as he is concerned. We do not need another Reggie Bush situation. The youth of America deserve more than another fraudulent player. If he is so innocent, I wish he or his father would just stand up and say what is so.
Anyway, today we celebrate another Special Day! It is OSU - Michigan today at 12 Noon on ABC Live from Ohio Stadium! I already have goose bumps thinking of what these guys have experienced this week and what they are feeling at this moment. I remember my first one was at Ohio Stadium as well. I slept maybe 2 hours that night even though the Hyatt on Capital Square in downtown Columbus probably had the most amazing beds I have ever been on. I am so excited to watch my man Drew Basil in his first year and the rest of the Buckeyes take the field and compete in this story book rivalry. I am not so sure Michigan has a chance in this game, but there have been plenty of those supposed lopsided match ups where the favorite gets beat. That is what you get with a rival game of this magnitude. Throw the records out the window! Play the game!!!!!

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